A Solemn League and Covenant

Over recent months we have been playing a number of medium sized DBR games involving four players. In these games each player brings along a 300 point army resulting in 600 points per side.  Each of these 300 point armies is typically organised into two commands both of which a single player controls.

What follows are a few photos of one of these games. Colin and I had declared for the King while Brian declared for Parliament, and having signed a Solemn League and Covenant with the Scots, joined forces with a Scots army commanded by John.


Above, a general view of the battlefield with the Royalists on the left and the Allies on the right. Below, a view from the Royalist right centre with the Roundheads in the distance.


The Parliamentarian commander was reluctant to fight an open battle, but rather clung to the coast where he hoped to be supported by a small fleet. However, the Royalist, aware of the Roundhead fleet opted to bring a small selection of their own ships forward and challenge the Roundhead fleet, or at least attempt to prevent it bombarding the Royalist army.


Above, the Roundhead fleet can be seen off the coast. Below, another view from near the coast where Royalists advance on the Roundhead line.


While the two fleets faced each other, and refused to engage, the battle away from the coast was developing.

In the Scots sector the Royalist attack was in full swing. Royalist cavalry move from the flank towards the centre of the Scots line where too few Scots pike had been deployed to support the massed Scots musketeers.


Above, the Royalist horse can be forming on a hill. Below, the Royalist foot press the Scots  and some Scots frame guns are about to be overrun. In the distance the Royalist horse charge home.


Back towards the coast the Royalists moved to engage the Roundheads.

Here to the Royalist cavalry was in the centre. However, unlike the Scots the Roundhead foot was well supported by pikemen and interlaced with light cannon. The result was heavy casualties among the Royalist horse.

IFAs the battle progressed casualties on the Scot contingent increased alarmingly until the Scots broke. Alas, for the king the Royalists facing the Roundheads also broke.

An excellent game providing a great visual spectacle while providing a great oppurtunity to catch up with several friends on a Sunday afternoon…

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