English Civil War Gaming Scenarios: Volume 2

Last year I wrote a short review of “English Civil War Gaming Scenarios: Volume 1” with the intent of following on with a review of following volumes. As happens things get in the way and it is only now that I write another short review, this time covering Volume 2.


The format of this is similar, that is A4 but with 62 pages. The volume is well illustrated with black and white sketches of period battle scenes. Without being overdone the greatly add to the period feel of the scenario book. Interestingly the author is different with Robert Giglio taking over to provide thirteen scenarios. Each scenario is illustrated by a first class map which is clear and visually attractive, though without a stated scale.

The scenarios are Second Modbury 1643; Beacon Hill 1643; Stratton 1643; Storming of Alton & Arundel 1643; Relief of Newark 1644; Tipton Green 1644; Montgomery 1644; Fyvie 1644; Ledbury 1645; Auldern 1645; Denbigh Green; Winnington Bridge 1659. Fyvie and Auldern are of course battles in Scotland and provide a great opportunity to deploy Montrose and his army on the table.

Each scenario begins with background section before describing the historical battle. The author then explains game setup, notes on troops and any special rules before a discussion of the terrain. Orders of battle are given in terms of men and are sufficiently generic that they can be easily converted to the rules preferred by the individual player. Certainly from a DBR perspective they are easy enough to convert.

The battles range from reasonable small actions, using as few as a thousand troops to larger actions involving several thousand. This is, I feel, a strength as it provides scenarios for those with both small or larger collections. As was often the case in the Civil Wars a good number of horse will be in heavy demand.

I’m very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it for some English Civil War inspiration.

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