English Civil War Gaming Scenarios: Volume 3

The third volume in the series of English Civil War scenario books by Partizan Press, and the second volume by Robert Giglio, the publication follows the same format of earlier volumes. That is, A4 with excellent illustrations and maps with a page count of around 62 pages.


This time the line up of battles includes Coventry 1642; Southam & Dunsmore 1642; Siege of Manchester 1642; Storming of Leeds 1643; Middlemarch 1643; Selby 1644; Tippermuir 1644; Wistanstow 1645; Langport 1645; Willoughby Field 1648 and Severn 1655. As before the scenarios include an interesting section placing the engagement in context which sets the scene well in each case.

Selby strikes me as a difficult engagement to wargame and I struggle to see how it would play out as a scenario. Why, well the game is set in the town itself. There are just four assault points, the roads, that join in the town square. The defenders field some 2000 foot and 1500 horse and as they are in the town can not deploy, at least in a traditional form. The problem for the attacker is no different as Fairfax has 3500 foot and 2000 horse and is constrained by the limited attack routes. I just don’t see how this scenario is playable.

Severn is an interesting choice and I’m sure it has been selected to appeal to the North American market as it was fought in Maryland. However, with only 400 men in total it is really a skirmish. That said given that the rules are not defined for a specific rule set a not unreasonable action to be included and will have appeal to the American English Civil War enthusiast. As to forces involved the Providence Puritans number 160 men and the St Mary’s Royalists 240.

The other battles however look very playable and being less well known are rather appealing. Southam and Dunsmore Heath are fought on successive days with increasing forces so would make an interesting linked game or mini-campaign as suggested. Langport has always seemed a difficult battle to wargame, but interesting non the less. For this scenario Mr Giglio has selected to focus on those forces actually involved. That is the forcing of the crossing of the Wagg Rhyne and the attack on the Royalists deployed on Ham Hill. A very sensible decision.

With a couple of exceptions another excellent volume.

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