De Bellis Renationis – Back in Print

For some time the DBR rules and associated army list books have been out of print. Yesterday, Sue Laflin-Barker announced that WRG have republished the DBR ruleset via Lulu.

The publication is in a new format which now includes the 2004 edition of the rules as well as all three army lists books in a single volume. The result is a publication that runs to 150 pages with a perfect-bound paperback binding, complete with a new front cover.

The observant reader will notice the colour of the cover and its significance. WRG have opted for purple for their Ancient & Medieval rules, black for their fantasy rules and green for their Renaissance rules. Interestingly green was used in the Gush rules published by WRG and these rules effectively defined Renaissance wargaming. The colour seems a fitting tribute to the Gush rules.

While I understand neither the rules or army lists have not been updated having the rules back in print is very useful for new players looking to obtain a copy, or existing players looking to replace tired well used copies of the rules. Given the price and the fact the package includes both the rules and around 125 army lists, it seems a very good buy. Indeed, I have ordered a copy and will provide a short review when they arrive.

If you, or someone else, is looking for a copy of the rules be sure and visit Lulu and order a copy. Here is a link to the DBR rules package in the Lulu Australian store.


2 thoughts on “De Bellis Renationis – Back in Print

    1. Hi Cory,

      Sue Laflin-Barker has just responded to a similar question on the DBR Mailing List. She writes:

      “When Phil has time, he will work with the others to prepare a new edition. This is some time off. Phil cannot work very fast nowadays. He is updating DBMM and then he wants to try out some ideas he has for a modern set. DBR had not been forgotten but it will be some time before a new edition can be produced. In the meantime, here is a reprint of the previous edition. The same content but better quality.”

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