Harquebusiers & Hussars – Autumn Report

Today several players gathered for the Autumn round of Harquebusiers & Hussars here in Christchurch. As with previous events it was an outstanding success. Perhaps the only unfortunate point being that some players who would normally play were unable to due to work commitments. That said with a couple of out of town players in attendance we still had a very respectable field of eight players.

The armies in use were as follows:

  • Mark Caunter – Early Austrian Imperial
  • Jim Morton – Polish-Lithuanian Rzeczpospolita
  • Colin Foster – ECW Scots Covenanter
  • John Kerr – ECW Montrose Scots Royalist & Early Parliamentarian 1644
  • Tilman Walk – Sinhalese
  • Brian Sowman – ECW Scots Covenanter
  • Keith McNelly -ECW Royalists 1644
  • Keith Caukwell – Safavid Persian

We use a flexible format allowing players to use a different army in each round. It transpired only one person elected this option allowing John to field historical armies against his opponents. All armies comprised 300 points and play was on a smaller table using pre-set terrain.


Above, a first round game between the Early Austrian Imperialists and the Sinhalese. The game resulted in a bloody defeat for the Austrians, more of this later. Below, also in the morning, a game Colin’s Scots Covenantors and Jim’s Polish.


Below, a photo of an afternoon game between my Royalists and John’s Civil War Parliamentarians. The Parliamentarian use of commanded shot significantly bolstered the ability of the Roundhead horse. It was only after repeated Royalist charges that the Roundhead horse broke.


In other afternoon games, shown below, Brian and Colin used their Covenantors to engage Safavid Persians and Austrians respectively. 


On another table the Poles were engaged against the Sinhalese which can be seen below. The Polish commander employed some camp followers as fake Winged Hussars causing some surprise to the Sinhalese commander.


As with previous Harquebusiers & Hussars events the outcome of the games is not recorded. The winner of the prestigious Captain General cup is rather determined by player nomination of interesting game events. After some discussion it was determined to be between two “events” we’re in the running.

The first was my own ability to have victory almost robbed from me when a fresh command Royalist horse was demoralised by a broken Roundhead horse while simultaneously my own foot, who outnumbered the Roundhead foot opposite, also come within a breath of collapse. I however lost out to Mark whose army, during the morning games, was caught by a hidden command of Sinhalese deployed behind a hill. Unable to recover and attacked at several points the Austrians army collapsed while causing little damage to his enemy. A true disaster!

Above all, another excellent day of Renaissance gaming using DBR.


2 thoughts on “Harquebusiers & Hussars – Autumn Report

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased you have found the report interesting. It’s always good to hear the items posted are of interest, it’s always hard to know.

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