Fortified Churches of Stari Grad

In a recent edition of “Arquebusier” (Vol. 35/1), the Journal of the Pike and Shot Society, Conrad Cairns provided an interesting article on “The Fortified Churches of Croatia and Transylvania”. The article covers a range of fortified churches over an extended geographical area and is supported by a small selection of photos. However, I thought readers of the article may find several additional photos of interest. The following were taken during my four days in the picturesque town of Stari Grad on the island of Hvar.

First up is the Church of St Jerome, centre foreground below. The church is literally on the seafront on the northern part of the inlet. I’ve included two photos of the church which, when I visited was empty. I understand the building is occasionally used for art exhibits. Mr Conrad’s article suggests the tower was added.

Another view, this time from the side.

Also mentioned in the article was the Church of St Peter the Martyr, part of the Dominican Monastery. Today this imposing complex is difficult to photograph from the town side due to its size and proximity to many other buildings. More useful photos can be taken from outside the old town as the monastery sits on the outskirts of the old town.

Below, another view this time from the town side. The bell tower is a later addition, though interestingly it’s base uses stones from the Ancient Greek city walls.

Below, another photo this time from inside the monastery in the courtyard.

The monastery suffered two attacks by the Turks including the devastating attack of 1571, when the monastery, and the town, was sacked by the Turks. Information outside the monastery indicates the two round towns were added in 1586.

On a side note the small museum inside the monastery includes some interesting artefacts from the Greek foundation of the town, originally called Pharos, and should be viewed in addition to those displayed in the small town museum.


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