Cromwell’s Adventures

In part to rectify the lack of posts here of late a few photos of Friday evening’s game seemed in order. This game found the Ottoman Turks engaged against an English expedition dispatched by the Lord Protector in 1654. There is little historical basis for this engagement except in the same year hired English and Dutch ships were assisting the Venetians against the Turks in the Cretan Wars including the Battle of the Dardanelles in May 1654. I will use this as the historical basis for the deployment of land forces, be it admittedly tenuous.

As to the miniatures my opponent fielded his recently painted 15mm Ottoman Turks. Above, infantry of the Turkish left. While below, the Ottoman centre and right. The cavalry on the Turkish right were a mixed bag comprising both regular and feudal cavalry.

In contrast to the new recruits of the Ottomans the miniatures of the New Model army were painted 35+ years ago. While veterans they haven’t been on the table for many years. Now to the battle…

The English foot regiments deployed in the centre and right with cavalry to the right rear initially. Extending to the more open left flank were more New Model horse, these supported by commanded shot. Below, the New Model right. The English plan being to advance in echelon on the right delaying the engagement of the left as much as possible.

On the extreme English right the English fleet caused considerable disorder amongst the Ottoman light horse, but less on the Turkish heavy cavalry.

Yet for all the manoeuvre the battle could only be decided with determined charges, of which there were many. On the English left Ottoman light horse poured around the flank, though not shown, to be mostly thrown back.

Below, the New Model foot advance. Periodically their advance was paused by the fire from the great Turkish guns to their front.

On the English right the New Model musketeers decimated the Turkish foot opposite. However, the swirling mounted melee here was more even and hung in the balance.

Above, the cavalry of the English right are engaged by the Ottoman Qapukulu. Below, the English gain some initial advantage.

The fighting now surges back and forth with first the Ottoman commander and then the English commander reinforcing the melee.

However, despite great determination by both commanders as dusk fell the battle was still undecided. Yet it was a most enjoyable engagement and an ideal opportunity for my opponent to refresh himself with the rules.

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