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Harquebusiers & Hussars – May 2015

The date of Sunday the 17th of May has been confirmed for the Autumn round of “Harquebusiers & Hussars”, our local 15mm DBR gaming event.

The focus is on casual games in a friendly atmosphere. As such it is an ideal format for new players to experience Renaissance gaming and for veterans to dust off troops for a social event. The format is designed to provide a couple of games in the standard club day with army size such that players can field alternate armies. This is achieved by using 300 point armies on a slightly smaller table.

Interestingly, we tend to see some armies that typically are not seen in larger DBR competitions, such as Montrose’s Scots Royalists shown above. This is partly because players take a relaxed approach to the day, or in some cases because small armies that can not be fielded when larger points budgets apply are used.

Full details of Harquebusiers & Hussars can be found here. Hopefully we will see you there!