While the DBR rules are a complete gaming system as with most rules some additional tools and guides invariably are produced by players. This page provides several useful DBR resources and amendments for player use.

Kiwi Points

Developed in Auckland New Zealand “Kiwi Points” aim to address some of the obvious points costs issues of DBR 2.0. These points values are now commonly used in New Zealand, Australian and at “Worlds Events”. They can be downloaded here.

Army List Calculator

This calculator allows a player to build an army list that calculates command and army break points automatically. Army lists can be presented in either “Book Points” or “Kiwi Points”. The file can be downloaded here.

IWF Clarifications

The IWF clarifications were developed to address some of the issues accounted at larger competitions. Typically they focus on minor clarifications but do introduce some terrain placement rule changes designed to reduce the impact of terrain in the centre of the table in competition games. The clarification file can be downloaded here.